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Current Research Projects

  • EARNINGS -Low energy, use-orientated greywater reuse, funded by BMBF, FONA
  • BlueGreenStreets - Multifunctional street design of urban neighborhoods, funded by BMBF
  • RAU - Tire Abrasion in the Environment, funded by BMBF „Plastics in the Environment – Sources, Sinks, Solutions
  • Platform BSR Water - Bringing together knowledge and innovation potential on the transnational basis; funded by Interreg Baltic Sea Region
  • Research on impact of biofilm carriers on activated sludge treatment under climate conditions in Eqypt. Research of the Water Engineering Department, Campus El Gouna

Concluded Research Projects


  • TREEDRAIN - Development of a planted infiltration ditch for urban rain water management, funded by BMWE and ZIM
  • AnnaS - Design of a postgraduate course "strategies for adapting sustainable urban water management to climate change"
  • ESTA - energy efficient treatment of selected flow of high-concentrated wastewater, funded by BMBF
    funded by BMUB within the german policy of adapting to climate change
  • IWAMA - Interactive Water Management - Capacity developement, energy- and sludge management; funded by Interreg Baltic Sea Region


  • OEMP - Improved materials and methods for microplastic removal from water bodies; funded by BMBF within the programme MachWas - Materialien für eine nachhaltige Wasserwirtschaft
  • Development of an integrated planted soil filtration plant for energy efficient treatment of process water in closed aquaculture systems, a study on growth of the african catfish
  • Scientific and analytical assistance of the small scaled WWTP experimental area in Altentreptow/Mecklenburg-Vorpommern


  • EOWWTP-Jordan, "Survey on energetical optimization of WWTP in Jordan" funded by BMUB within the programme "Export of green and sustainable (environmental) infrastructure"
  • Development of a container based waste water recycling systems for waste water from washing machines in industrial laundries, funded by AiF/BMWi
  • Pre-treatment of wastewater from food production (PreTreFood), Application within the BMBF programme to support scientific and technical cooperation with Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Belarus, project partner BNTU Minsk
  • Ecoglobe project at Campus El Gouna: "Waterbase" Test Plant, Construction and screening of a pilot plant at Campus El Gouna, Egypt on the constructed-wetland Variation „Waterbase“ patented by Ecoglobe; funded by Climate KIC programme
  • TOIBER - Public toilets in Berlin - Creation of a comprehensive concept for the provision of public toilets in the state of Berlin - Senate Department for Urban Development and the Environment Berlin (2017)Concept for the


  • Scientific assistance for biological rehabilitation of rural ponds with project partner DEGES
  • Combination of adherent biological and membrane processes for treatment and recycling of water from small laundries, funded by AiF/BMWi



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