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Ecoglobe project at Campus El Gouna: “Waterbase” test plant

Waterbase System

Funded by the Climate KIC Program the following project is a collaboration of TU Berlin Campus El Gouna and Ecoglobe GmbH. It comprises the construction of the decentralized wastewater system “Waterbase”. Furthermore checking the functioning of the whole plant and examining the efficiency by changing the dimensions of the filter and varying the wastewater load.

From technical point of view, Waterbase is a constructed wet land without the vegetation build underground. In future it shall be placed close to where wastewater is generated. By this wastewater reuse projects are easier to implement and expensive sewer systems can be avoided. In the test-plant at the Campus El Gouna the reliability and the quality of the treatment results will analyzed to find out if it can be used as a safe source of reclaimed water e.g. for irrigation in landscaping.



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